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10 January, 10am: Parasite epigenomics: bioinformatic approaches to characterize a novel histone methylation mark (Kevin Cheeseman)
(how several bioinfo tools were used for searching sequences, annotating genomes, making phylogenies and analyzing Chip-seq data)

7 February, 10am:

14 March, 10am:

The BioInfo Club meets on Thursday from 10am to 11am, in François Jacob seminar room in Institut Jacques Monod, 15 rue Helene Brion 75013. Meetings are in English. For most sessions, please bring your labtop. It can be Linux, Mac or Windows… We will let you know in advance when it is a practical session, presentation or discussion.

The BioInfo Club now includes “Unité de Biologie Fonctionnelle et Adaptative” (BFA) and “Epigenetics and cell fate unit (Paris Epigenetics)”. The goal of the BioInfo Club is to gather scientists, from the Institut Jacques Monod, BFA and Paris Epigenetics research institutes, who want to discover some computational approaches and tools used in genomics and structural bioinformatics and to learn by practice on site.

The BioInfo Club Organisers
Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo, Olivier Kirsh, Samuel Murail and Olivier Taboureau